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Neko Tabby Cat furry skins appliers for many mesh body brands, Lelutka and Catwa head available now!

Available now @ CATWA head applier!

Furry skins compatible materials and tint in your mesh head and bodies huds!

Many brands available. Always included in your package, many bodies appliers: Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, hands and feet, Signature, eBody, Belleza, Tonic,  Bodies and face Omega appliers (see Omega full list of supported meshes)

Available now @ LELUTKA head applier!

Furry skins include custom materials for better fur relief effect.  Works perfectly with and without this feature. Some bodies and heads do not accept custom material (or material at all, yet) and use only their own.  Some bodies do not include tinting option for skin color.

Xstreet SL : Gift your friends!

Thanks to Xstreet SL, you can buy our products and deliver them to your friends. The best way to make secure gifts. Here is our online Xstreet SL shop.

Xstreet SL logo

How to shop

This article explains how to shop in the Xstreet SL Marketplace.

  1. Sign up for an account.

    • If you’re a Second Life Resident, you already have an Xstreet SL account; sign in to with your Second Life name and password.

    • If you’re not yet a Second Life Resident, you’ll need to click the Join Second Life Now button on and create a Second Life account first.

  2. Get some spending money.

    • If you want to shop using Linden Dollars (L$), you’ll need to put some L$ in your Xstreet account. Just drop some L$ into any Xstreet Terminal, or use the inworld Search to pay the avatar “Exchange Street,” and you’re set.

      Caution: When you pay a Terminal, make sure it is owned by Exchange Street or SLXTerminal Bigwig — if it is not, you are not paying a real Xstreet Terminal and your funds will be lost.

      Note: There’s often a delay for payments sent directly to Exchange Street to post to your Xstreet account. If you need access to your funds immediately, you should use an inworld terminal.

    • If you want to shop using PayPal or a credit card, simply choose the US Dollar (USD) option when go to “buy” your item.

  • Shop ’till you drop: go to the Xstreet SL Marketplace and find the perfect item. Anything you buy is delivered to you immediately inworld, even if you’re not logged on!

    You can even shop for all of your friends — just click on the Purchase as a Gift link and you can have the item you purchase delivered directly to a friend, complete with an optional personal note from you at no extra charge!

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