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Neko Tabby Cat furry skins appliers for many mesh body brands, Lelutka and Catwa head available now!

Available now @ CATWA head applier!

Furry skins compatible materials and tint in your mesh head and bodies huds!

Many brands available. Always included in your package, many bodies appliers: Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, hands and feet, Signature, eBody, Belleza, Tonic,  Bodies and face Omega appliers (see Omega full list of supported meshes)

Available now @ LELUTKA head applier!

Furry skins include custom materials for better fur relief effect.  Works perfectly with and without this feature. Some bodies and heads do not accept custom material (or material at all, yet) and use only their own.  Some bodies do not include tinting option for skin color.

~Bounce~ Spot Light Follower

Our store missed light, but not any light. Now, a pretty spot light will follow your steps (color or not).

To light your house, your store,your street, … or to illuminate dancers in your club, this spot include several functionalities :

"~Bounce~ Spot follower" Informations

The "~Bounce~ Spot follower" is a spotlight which follows avatars in a perimeter.


3 modes to follow an avatar:
-following the closest avatar
-following the avatar of a group who touched the spot
-following any avatar who touched the spot

Detection perimeter:
-It is configurable. In a zone of 0 to 50 meters.

-the color of the light can be changed, random mode (a selection of colors played randomly) or simple mode (one color)
-the color can be changed in 7 recorded colors, or in a color of your choice (RGB colors)

Modifiable object:
This object is modifiable. You can change the height and texture of the spot to fit the style you want.

Copiable object:
This object is copiable.

A notice notecard ("Read me") is available with the object.